“I am committed to excellence to give you the peace of mind you deserve”

My Experience:

andrew-dunsmore-locksmithI started work as a locksmith in 2002 and have a very broad knowledge and long term outlook in the industry.  I undertook my apprenticeship with Metropolitan Locksmiths, it was 4 years and involved travelling to Melbourne 4 times a year to study at one of the worlds best locksmith schools.

My role at Metropolitan Locksmiths was as a general locksmith where I managed the shop for a couple of years and then managed my own on road work for 4 years. We were required to perform everything related to security from locks, safes, access control and automotive works. I am very passionate about this industry and believe this attitude reflects on the service that I offer. I am a member of the Master Locksmiths Association so am kept up to date with what’s happening within the industry, I am also bound by their ethical codes of conduct!

The Business:

Having thoroughly enjoyed the skill and challenges that this industry has offered I decided to start my own business to set myself some new challenges and goals!

Let’s start with the name ‘Beagle Locksmiths,’ I wanted to use a symbol that represented me as well as security. A lot of people have a dog to protect them or just to make them feel safe which is essentially the service that I offer. I have a beagle named Bella so hence I came up with ‘Beagle Locksmiths – For peace of mind’.

I am passionate about what I do, providing a thorough locksmith service and exceptional customer service. To me these are the two ingredients that are going to enable my business to grow and succeed, if I can provide the best workmanship and overall service I will be more likely to generate an ongoing service and relationship with my customers!

My main aim for the business is to provide a service with a 110% commitment to my customers! I hope I can share my enthusiasm with you and thank you for taking the time to read through what I have to offer.


Andrew Dunsmore